Boy Meets World TV Series

Boy Meets World TV Series is popular sitcom comedy-drama in America for which tells about the story of Cory Matthews portrayed by Ben Savage and his everyday lesson of life and events. Matthews is a Philadelphian kid and grew up a young man to a married man. As a part of the TGIF network lineup, Boy Meets World TV Series was able to air for about seven seasons on ABC network from 1993 up to 2000.

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This show used five different songs in its seven years aired. Phil Rosenthal wrote and performed the final theme of the show and it maintained until the seventh season although in season 5 the visual has changed and it include Angela Moore played by Trina McGee-Davis where she was a guest star and later became regular cast in season 5. Boy Meets World TV Series ranked #37 in 1993-1994 in the U.S. television and by the following year, it ranked on #36.

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