Finding a Soulmate Using Inner Game

Finding a soulmate who will complement your personality is something most people think was difficult – someone with the perfect traits and appearance. You could have searched everywhere from your own clique, your community, or your workplace. We look at the people around us and feel no attraction towards them. It may be because we are so used to interacting with them that everything was just normal, and could be boring.

So why not try something that is not normal? Something that is different? Finding a soulmate need no limitations. That being said, why don’t you try expat dating? Expat dating is a trend happening over the Internet, and is also possible to happen in your day-to-day life.

Expats are those who left their home country to explore outside opportunities – to work, to study, or to be with their other family members who were already living abroad. Needless to say, expat dating is a real challenge! Having to date someone with a totally different cultural background as yours can be intimidating and overwhelming. This may seem exciting at first, but clash in beliefs and values may occur, not to mention communication or language barriers.

But finding a soulmate was not that easy. You, of all people, should know that finding a soulmate requires effort and action. Thus, expat dating is a challenge you should be willing to take.  And while you are in the course of expat dating, the need of having a strong inner game will rise.

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Your inner game is simply the opinion you have of yourself, or more commonly called as self-esteem. Inner game is your distinguished characteristics that make you attractive to the opposite sex. These characteristics promote your self-confidence, and a confident individual is more likely to be successful in finding a soulmate.

Possessing a strong inner game is a very remarkable trait. You have the ability to get any person’s attention and eventually, his or her heart. Using your outstanding personality, other people were drawn towards you and retain that attraction. Unlike having a poor inner game, talking to the opposite sex would be such a laborious task already since you do not own the self-confidence that a person with a strong inner game has. Thus, having a solid inner game is a surefire way to be successful in finding a soulmate.

Moreover, along the process of expat dating and finding a soulmate, you may find yourself asking the question: “How do I find true love?” The feeling that you have towards the person you are currently dating may be or may not be true love. You may mistake attraction or infatuation to love, especially in expat dating, wherein you meet someone very different to yourself. You could have been too focused in finding a soulmate that any new emotion that you felt can be thought of to be love. That is why knowing your own self and owning a firm inner game is a vital trait.

The inner game puts up your confidence in yourself. And yet, the question “How can I find true love?” can rack your brains day and night. But the good thing about the inner game is that it can be worked on and developed, as much you can improve your other skills. If you believe in yourself, you can have a flourishing love life, and your dilemma of finding a soulmate will come to an end.

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11 Responses to Finding a Soulmate Using Inner Game

  1. hindi na ako naghahanap ng soulmate or partner, darating lang yan

    • Nylarej says:

      yes indeed but if you’re at the stage of feeling needy of a companion in life – this step would help 🙂

  2. Very insightful for people who are still on the verge of seeking the love of their lives! 🙂

  3. Rovie says:

    A good share. Thanks!

  4. Nice… I’m glad I found my soulmate 10 years ago, and married him 8 years after we became a couple… 🙂

  5. This is a really interesting read. =)

  6. nataliejill says:

    nice topic..knowing how to play the game in searching for a soulmate is something we need to learn simply by knowing ourselves better 😀

  7. You got a very great website , Glad I noticed it through yahoo.

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