Yahoo! for More Updates

When Internet users visit Yahoo! the first thing they see is . . . well, too many. Today, Yahoo!’s homepage has become so much as a combination of so many pages that actual news that may have global relevance gets lost amidst the packets of information around the site. In fact, Yahoo! has gained over the years a reputation of being a sea of links. It is a search engine that is good for SEO services as well as putting up website marketing ads. But never has it been branded like a real news site. For sure, in terms of global—and actual—news, people would normally look into CNN’s website or even MSN.

This is a problem that Yahoo! has acknowledged only recently. Even if they have partnered with different media and news sites like The New York Times, being a main source of news is still not what the webpage is known for. Without focus on specific topics, the website may be viewed as a newspaper without a real news section.

In fact, in the eyes of providers of SEO services, what Yahoo! does in terms of putting together all sorts of news in what looks like a linear reel is not the best way to attract readers. Nor does the site become an RSS friendly type of article host. Readers and Internet surfers are more often required to navigate through links and pages before they get to the news they are most interested in.

Yahoo! does not also have its own host of reporters and news writers to maintain a specific beat and produce original materials conscientiously. Most of the news articles in Yahoo! are either tagged with the words from Reuters or according to.

All of these problems combined together do not help Yahoo!’s reputation uplifting. This is why executives of the website now lay a game plan that would reverse the status quo. Most of these executives are new to the company, which may explain how they are able to see what the previous handlers have missed. They are now pushing for more original articles, sets of media coverage exclusive to the site, and streaming of programs that are news materials.

For starters, the executives of the company are now pushing for SEO services to be faded into other categories. Linking of sites that may be more on the side of website marketing would also take a second priority. The new handlers of Yahoo! now want their original content to take the front seat. Variations are still present, but the topics would be arranged depending on the relevance to the users’ interests. Sharing of sites would also be allowed.

Having a news section is important for websites like Yahoo! It drives traffic more frequently and attracts a wider range of readers. This is why most prime websites put an effort to come up with their all-original news pages that would allow their users to the information for what they need and be updated every time.

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5 Responses to Yahoo! for More Updates

  1. Kevin Paquet says:

    True, Yahoo! May not look at all delightful in the eyes of the SEO experts et al, but I know quite a few people who are content with the news that Yahoo provides – nothing truly specific, but articles about issues that either people are talking about or making people talk about. The best feat of all so far is how well it is integrated with Facebook where users get to know what their friends are reading in an instant.

    I don’t see Yahoo! as a news site or competing with other “news” websites, I just see them catering to their already built up user base. Plus, some of the writers on Yahoo! are just rubbish.

  2. I only use Yahoo for emails (although not exclusively). I read articles elsewhere.

  3. yep usually nag babasa ako sa yahoo ng mga news. I am usually drawn sa kanyng human interest stories

  4. nataliejill says:

    its nice that yahoo has added some news to their for some who checks yahoo.. we can not just check our mails..but we could read whats happening around the world 😀

  5. I have to admit, sa Yahoo News ako nakatutok when getting news than other online news websites…

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