Barney Miller TV Series

Barney Miller TV Series is one of the most comedy television series which is set in a police station of New York City in Greenwich Village. Originally, the Barney Miller TV Series was being broadcasted on the 23rd of January 1975 up to the 20th day of May 1982 on ABC. Theodore J. Flicker and Danny Arnold were the creators of the show and most of the episodes were directed by Noam Pitlik.

This famous television series was shot within the fictional 12th precinct of New York in the Detective’s Squad Room which is situated in Greenwich Village. Every given episode, there would be separate subplots of two to three and it has different officers that would deal with different crimes. Every year, the Barney Miller TV Series would have an episode that would feature three two detectives outside of the 12th precinct walls. It can be on their homes or on a stakeout.

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