American Idol: Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez, a small 16-year old high school student from San Diego, proved to be a one big threat for the rest of the contestants who vied for the title as this year’s American Idol.

As more and more people root for her and as she continues to awe not just America but the rest of the world with her strong powerful voice, many ask who is Jessica Sanchez beyond the American Idol limelight and how did she get that amazing voice?

Jessica Sanchez is of American, Mexican and Filipino descent as her dad who was from Texas is of Mexican heritage while her mom was from the Philippines.  However, Jessica was born in Chula Vista, California where she spent her childhood before she and her family moved to San Diego.

Jessica is not a newbie in contests like the American Idol. As a matter of fact, at the age of 11, she had already appeared in the show America’s Got Talent where she first wowed the global audience with her own cover of the song “I surrender”. And five years after then, she continues to surprise the crowd with her exceptionally beautiful voice and amazing song renditions but now in American Idol.

Jessica proved the American Idol judges and even the rest of America that she deserves to be given more screen time after she auditioned in Las Vegas and wowed them with her own remake of the song “The Prayer”.  After then, Jessica kept on slaying each performance until she gained her spot as one of the top 13 contestants where she sang the song “I Love You I Do” by Jennifer Hudson. Judges are always amazed by her performances that when during the Top 7 week when she was voted out by the audience, they chose to save her proving to everyone that she is undeniably a frontrunner in the competition. Since then, more and more people showered her with support not only by rooting for her but actually voting for her to make sure she gets to the top 3.

They didn’t fail.

Jessica emerged as one of the best three of the season, along with Joshua Ledet and Philip Philipps, besting probably a million of hopefuls who auditioned. Jessica proved the public she is worthy of her spot by singing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”, an original song by Jennifer Holiday in the movie Dream Girls. With her achievement, she had made not only the Mexicans and Filipinos proud, but as well as all the Americans that have supported her all the way. With her unique swagger and charisma, it will not surely come as a surprise if Jessica Sanchez goes home as this year’s American Idol.

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