The Brawl of Claudine and Raymart Santiago Vs. Mon Tulfo

This week Philippine Television blasted off the brawl of Claudine Barretto- Raymart Santiago vs Mon Tulfo at NAIA Terminal 3.

Mr Mon Tulfo says he’s from Davao at that time when he heard someone was angrily shouting to the ground attendant about her offloaded baggage. He even sympathized to Ms Barretto but then he was shocked hearing Ms Barretto choice of words humiliating the ground attendant and even threatening that she can possibly fire her in her position. Mr Tulfo’s intention was to take some pictures of Ms Barretto and write to his column both sides of the stories; the Cebu Pacific system management and the reaction of Ms Barretto who is a public figure. In the first place, Mr Tulfo is a columnist and he has the right to take pictures, to write write-ups because he owed it to the public especially the parties involved are public figures.

Ms Claudine Barretto says she lost her temper to the Cebu Pacific attendant because of their inappropriate handling about her luggage. She claims that she lost her behaviour because she needs the medicines that apparently, it was inside her luggage. It is normal to a customer to get angry in this inconvenient situation because anger is not only inevitable, it is sometimes necessary. It is never an airlines SOP to offload someone’s luggage without the customer knowledge. A customer cannot just simply say, “Hey, Cebu Pacific, you lost my baggage or you offload my baggage, it is okay. Thanks! “. Who would say that? And she gets angrier when she’s at peek with her emotion and she’s been taking pictures by someone who is Mr Tulfo.

Mr Tulfo claims, Ms Barretto and Mr Santiago entourage attacked him first but Ms Barretto also claims, she was kicked twice first by Mr Tulfo and pushed her to the counter.

As a viewer, I really don’t know what the truth behind the video courtesy by youtube because it is incomplete footage since the management of NAIA Terminal 3 says CCTV there is not working. As a Filipino citizen, I am more bothered to find out about this. The Barretto and Santiago vs Tulfo fight is not a National concern but CCTV not working issue is more alarming.

For Mr Mon Tulfo, even you are a columnist, sometimes let’s respect the privacy of every individual even they are a public figure. Also to Tulfo brothers, after their impressive TV threat, why not assign them to be our force to Scarborough Shoals or Spratlys?

For Ms Claudine Barretto and Mr Raymart Santiago, if you’re claiming that you need the medicine in your luggage just to justify your violent reaction, you should know that in the first place, medicine is a must hand-carry thing. You don’t need to humiliate people when you’re angry or upset of the inconvenient situation because for one reason, no one has the right to do that. Face the consequences since you’re both adult enough to be responsible with your own actions.

For Cebu Pacific, you claim that you have been verbally abused by Ms Barretto. You may be found your match for being abusive with your passenger most of the time.

If our attention is still in Barretto and Santiago vs Tulfo issue, then we are all a star-struck fanatics, because the problem here is CEBU PACIFIC and NAIA 3.

Now, how can we feel safe?

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