Short Story: Johnny and His Dream

Johnny is a five year old boy. He is in kindergarten and goes to school every day. During his first three months in school, her teacher recognizes him as one of the fast learners in their class. He excels in mathematics, English, History and even outshines the entire class in extracurricular activities. In fact, he gets the number two spot in their class top ten at the end of the first grading period.

One day during a class break, John and one of his classmates, Randy went out of their class room to have their snacks. However, instead of heading to school canteen, Randy took John outside the school.

“Do you see those food carts, Johnny? Those are so yummy and tasty!” said Randy, while pointing out the straightly aligned food carts which are just adjacent to their school premises.

“No, Randy, I don’t eat those kinds of foods. My mother told me that those are unhealthy! Let’s get inside and have some snacks at our school canteen instead.” John exclaimed in disagreement.

“No, we will try them once! If you found them not delicious, we will not buy foods outside anymore,” said Randy.

Since then, Johnny started to crave and love street foods. Without her mother’s noticed, he continued eating junk foods from the food carts outside their school. He does not anymore eat vegetables that her mother used to prepare for him. And since then, he became weak, unmindful and uninterested of school activities, and did not anymore study his lessons. While his grades keep on declining, he also expectedly gaining weight and getting bigger and bigger.

One evening, Johnny has eaten grilled hotdogs, spaghetti, and huge-sized burgers, making his stomach in full. Without even taking showers and studying, he slept sluggishly.

“Johnny wake up, I need someone to play with me” He hears a voice from nowhere.

“No, I hate playing. I’m sleepy and please do not disturb me!” exclaimed John, without even trying to find out who’s calling him.

“Bwahahaha! I am your master! Open your eyes and see who you are talking to. I am your favorite food. Let’s play or you will suffer from a dreadful sickness,” the voice said.

Very slowly, Johnny tried to open his still half-closed eyes. To his surprise, he saw a very horrible creature -an indescribable living thing with a huge head that looks like decaying burger with thumb-sized hairy and parading maggots on it. It has tentacles that look like rotten and turned-black noodles of spaghetti. Each tentacle has a single yet huge mouth with sharp teeth and all is ready to attack him. When one of the many tentacles bit him on the face, John was frightened and screamed with so much pain.

“Ahhhhh! Please leave me!” shouted John.

“Johnny, wake up! I am your mother! What’s happening to you! You are dreaming!” her curious mother said.

When Johnny woke up, he cried and cried while repeatedly asking for her mother to stay with him all night. After few moments, Johnny felt a terrifying stomach ache which made him unable to move. He was rushed to the hospital and was treated for one week.

Since then, Johnny does not eat junk and unhealthy foods anymore. He started to eat fruits and vegetables and even requests it to his mom. Now he loves fruits and veggies. Gradually, with proper exercise and healthy foods, he regained his mental aptitude and physical fitness. As he promised to her mother, he became friendly again, active in his school activities and the god news is: he is the top achiever in his class.

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