Divorce – Marital Union Is Terminated

Some people nowadays do not want to get married. Living in with a partner of the opposite sex is already common. This is due to the idea that marriage will only end up to a divorce. A lot of people are afraid that if they will get married, they will end up with the wrong person, thus they can never escape from their marriage. With this, divorce is invented, making it possible for couples bonded in marriage to make a choice to end up the matrimony and have the chance to choose another partner in case the marriage will not work. Almost all of the countries around the world are in favor of divorce. The Vatican City and the Philippines are the only places that are not in favor of divorce. The Philippines only have annulment in which marriage is considered void or invalid.

A married couple decides on a divorce for several possible reasons. They may not understand each other anymore and they always suffer from arguments. These arguments root from the many problems couples go through in their married life. This may be because of financial difficulties, issues on raising their children, and the most common reason which is third party. One partner may have fallen in love and is having a relationship with another person or is going out with someone else.  This problem is common in people who have vices such as alcohol or drug abuse. However, there are also couples who decide on having a divorce because they have no more love for their husbands or wives anymore, and some just want the divorce with no specific reason.

Divorce may be difficult for the couple who decides on it. They will have to make new arrangements on a lot of things, from the budget for the filing of the divorce to the custody of the children.  However, their children are actually the ones who will suffer most of the consequences. They are the most affected with their parents’ decision. It will involve a lot of changes and adjustments not only for the couple but for the kids as well. It will be very stressful on the part of the children because most of the time they will have to choose with whom they would want to live and they will also be adjusting to new environment since they may have to transfer to a new home. Sometimes, the children may also have to transfer from time to time from one parent to the other depending on the decision of the court for the custody.

In the present, divorce also has its own disadvantage in the moral aspect. Some take advantage of the money they have and of the legality of the divorce. Many tend to marry and get divorces over and over, making marriage an ordinary habit. Most of the influential and rich people do this easily.

Getting a divorce can cause a lot of transformations. It can get the members of the family caught up in a great deal of stress and it can also lead to long-term consequences which can deeply affect the children’s behavior or outlook in life. On the other hand, some people feel relieved once they legally get their divorce since they may have suffered so much from their relationships with their spouse and they just want to get over everything and start anew. For them, it may be the healthiest decision they could ever make.

Being married is not just an experience. There will always be an unfinished phrase in every story of marriage. One may ask himself or herself how long he or she can endure his or her marriage life when troubles come. Would it be already enough for you and just have your family suffer the consequences anyway since it will be for the best? Or would you rather endure the woes and experiment on them to end up to a lasting marriage?

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