Cartagena City – A Caribbean Jewel of Colombia

Although it is not the largest city in the country because it only ranked 5th , Cartagena is the most-renowned destination for tourist in the country. It consists of a total of 1.5M inhabitants and serves numerous tourists every year with most coming from the different countries in South American and about 300 thousand of them come from other foreign countries around the world.

The campaign of the Government of Colombia for the promotion of tourism made the bad impression of having drug-addicted groups slowly disappear. The tourists are already travelling around with security along with a lot of other tourists. They already experience non-troublesome trip to Medellin, Cali, Bogota which is the coffee capital, and to Cartagena.

Cartagena’s bureaucratic name is “Cartagena de Indias”. The city was discovered on the first day of June in the year 1533. And because it was discovered by a Spanish, who is Commander Pedro de Heredia, it was named Cartagena, taking into account the place in Spain where majority of the crew yelled. The ancient city was wrecked with fire and that event resulted to the existence of the first firefighters in America.

UNESCO declared the city of Cartagena as a World Heritage Site in 1984 because of its enormous wall equipped with weapons. This wall was constructed by the Spaniards for their protection from the unending assaults of pirates from different countries in Europe like France and England. This beautiful city once served as among the three settlements of the Spanish inquest in America, together with Mexico and Lima. It was once where slave labor was practiced and it entails the memory of the robbed gold of Peru. In the present, the place is more serene. It illustrates the fascinating disparity between the streets and houses with the historic legacy of the ancient town, and the contemporary atmosphere of the resorts of beaches with different hotels along the shores. You will definitely enjoy the place for a time or more. With the all-year Caribbean climate of average temperature during the day of thirty two degrees Celsius, touring the place will surely bring great fun.

The great wall around the ancient town should never be missed when you visit Cartagena. It will be best to go there during the night when you can pass by a nearby bar or a restaurant for something to munch on while you are strolling to the top of the wall. Also, aside from the fascinating beautiful beaches, you can enjoy the day by visiting the Fort of San Felipe, the Rosario Islands, or the Monastery on the Popa Hill. So if Colombia is the choice you want for your vacation escapade, you cannot afford to miss the beauty of Cartagena.

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