And I Love You So Review

AND I LOVE YOU SOI super duper fell in love again with my abyu when I watched the movie last night. The movie is really great! I was even crying too when Bea cried saying this line, “I hate you, I hate you. I wanted to love again but how can I love again if my heart is still beating for you”.

Generally, the movie is awesome and you must watch it too so you will know and relate to the story. What I love most here in this movie are  the lines that Bea expresses. I so much admire the writer of this movie.

Here’s the synopsis of the movie:

Lara, a preschool teacher and owner, is widowed five months after she married her boyfriend of five years, Oliver. Several months after his death, she meets Chris, a young man also suffering from the loss of his spouse. They become friends and help each other move on. But as their friendship grows, their unmistakable attraction for each other grows. Can these two broken people find love again? Or will the ghosts of their past tear them apart?   source:

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2 Responses to And I Love You So Review

  1. stricritic says:

    lame movie. This is the result if you strip away any originality and make the dialog speak blatantly of what characters should only IMPLY to say. Every line sounds like it’s taken from the most poorly written love songs. Overall, to me it’s an ok movie if you view it as a parody of what a romance movie is like if you just strip it to the bare basics. I’m Filipino and saddened that the one thing my culture can produce and distribute nationwide is the most uninspired movie ever.

  2. Nylarej says:

    Hi Stricritic:

    Thanks for dropping by… I appreciate your opinion! Somehow you have a point — but it is the lead stars that made the movie box office hit of the year…


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