Where’s Maricar Reyes in the Midst of The Controversial Sex Videos?

maricar-300x225After  a  long month of controversial sex video scandals with Dr. Hayden Kho with alleged girl, Maricar Reyes. It seemed that this young lady has kept her side silent and I am wondering if where is she in the middle of this controversy.

I wonder if isn’t  she going to sue Dr. Kho for the spread out of their private sex video supposedly as Katrina Halili just did. After a thorough reading of Maricar’s biography, I was just surprised then that she and Dr. Hayden Kho really had a so-called serious relationship. Well, that is what I see also at their sex video. Both are passionate in every step they make love and I assume that either  Maricar or Hayden was not into show business yet at the moment of their relationship.

Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes are surprisingly both studied medicine, so they are both doctors–general practitioners and that was the time they had a sweet relationship back then.

Maricar doesn’t really looks familiar until she appeared on TV as “Candy” for the teleserye which is the Betty La Fea, who happened to be “Armando’s” (John LLoyd Cruz) first love. That was the only appearance that we could perhaps remember about her. But prior to that, she had appeared on TV as commercial model for Ponds for her rosy white face. Well, she’s really lovely!!!

After all the issue, I just can’t wait to hear her side soon in the  public. If is it going to be the same with Katrina Halili or not?

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