The Hayden Kho And Katrina Halili Issue

From The Belo Clinic Endorsement

From The Belo Clinic Endorsement

At first it was only a rumor, the sex video of two years ago. Both parties are silent though until it came out to the public and in the internet there was a real sex video between the two. And when I get the chance to watch the video, I was then really shocked because it couldn’t  just be edited or something counterfeited. However, it is really real! The video is very factual and undeniably tapped by Dr. Hayden Kho himself.

At first, it wasn’t this so bad, I mean the issue wasn’t really get worsen until the time came Halili had to break her silence and outburst the bad effect of such sex video. That it was indeed a big embarrassment to her part and for the rest of the family. Well, of course who wouldn’t be feeling such embarrassment, after all she’s just a girl and just a person that might have fallen in love with a hunk guy or could just be playing around. And that’s the fact today. There are many women out there love to play around relationships even if they already know that this guy is committed or with someone already. Who couldn’t just be fooling around where in fact lots of young stars love to explore the beauty of relationships.

Well, back to the topic… And today the Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili issue is no longer a small problem. It even gets bigger when it has to reach to the senate’s probe. I just hope this could really help mend one another’s heart that has bruised due to the stupid sex video.

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One Response to The Hayden Kho And Katrina Halili Issue

  1. jaja62 says:

    Maybe, what happen is a wake up call. We are all tested how far human and technology would go, and be used. There are many reason that everyone of us would have to learn. The fact is we are all victims of the circumtances. Love, money, fame is not eveything. We overuse it we forgot HIM. Life is very short use it in a meaningful way. Try to reach the small one….. there’re just waiting. Change….change ….change. For those people involved, God still loves You!

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