Underwood Typewriter Still Exists?

I am just wondering if underwood typewriter are still in the market these days. Does it still exist? crypto-underwood-LOr is anyone still uses typewriters today? As I could remember, it was decades ago already since this underwood typewriter created by the great Underwood kinfolk in 1874. At first, The Underwoods were just supplying typewriter ribbons and carbon papers for a certain prestigious company. But when time came to the point that this certain company had to make their own manufacturing, underwood typewriter has risen to its place and make it into a pure business and thus exist until now. And this includes a large number of different kinds of underwood typewriters. In recent times, underwood typewriters does not seem to be needed or shall I say not so useful anymore since high technology computers and mac books has come to our era. But somehow, we could still see these underwood typewriters at the museums, and offices. Yes, I could see that there are establishments that are still using underwood typewriters. Well, in fact, the office where I get in everyday is using exactly these old fashioned typewriters. It is because there are cases that computers may not be helpful. For instance, computer written forms and documents that are just going to be filled out with words or numbers. It is already time consuming if you’re going to retype the form and print it out. And so, these typewriters are the simple answer of these kinds of troubles. People may have overlooked using these typewriters in the present day but Underwood typewriters are basically worth to keep for. Not only because of its value of time and antiqueness but also for the honor that we owe to the great creator which once became useful to our daily needs at home or offices.

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3 Responses to Underwood Typewriter Still Exists?

  1. Benjamin says:

    Hi sorry to borther u but i have some questions to ask u.
    Do typewriters still exsist?
    How does it work?
    How is it change over time?

  2. Courtney says:

    That looks EXACTLY like the one I have. What model is it? I can’t order a new ink ribbon until i know what model it is.

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