Pacquiao To Politics After Hatton

p vs hIt’s been a week already since Manny Pacquiao’s controversial fight with Ricky Hattton. It was in deed a very deemed match and didn’t even expect that would that early. I was even afraid Pacquiao would have been hurt after knowing Hatton as the “Hitman”. Who wouldn’t be threatened with that, right?

I am so surprised with the ending…Didn’t think that would end that fast… A bit hard to explain and no words to say…

After winning the fight, it is said that Pacquiao would run for congressman in Sarangani Province which fairly  noticed during the introduction of his fight, General Santos instead. Gen San mayor actually reacted on that issue said that he is a bit hurt of the announcement. Well, but there’s no issue for that anymore.

The issue is, why Pacquiao has to enter politics? I mean, he had tried it from the last election and he didn’t get the title. If it is his goal to help people through politics, he could have helped people in other way not  involving with politics.  Why’d he go into politics, right?

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