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Where’s Maricar Reyes in the Midst of The Controversial Sex Videos?

After  a  long month of controversial sex video scandals with Dr. Hayden Kho with alleged girl, Maricar Reyes. It seemed that this young lady has kept her side silent and I am wondering if where is she in the middle … Continue reading

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The Hayden Kho And Katrina Halili Issue

At first it was only a rumor, the sex video of two years ago. Both parties are silent though until it came out to the public and in the internet there was a real sex video between the two. And … Continue reading

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Underwood Typewriter Still Exists?

I am just wondering if underwood typewriter are still in the market these days. Does it still exist? Or is anyone still uses typewriters today? As I could remember, it was decades ago already since this underwood typewriter created by … Continue reading

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A Tribute To All The Mothers

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Pacquiao To Politics After Hatton

It’s been a week already since Manny Pacquiao’s controversial fight with Ricky Hattton. It was in deed a very deemed match and didn’t even expect that would that early. I was even afraid Pacquiao would have been hurt after knowing … Continue reading

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