Another Emo Encounter

It’s a typical day at work…Nothing so special nothing so ordinary… One word that best explains my task for this day is “PAYABLE”…

Yes, I am also incharged of the payables at the office. Issuing checks and releasing them are part of my job. Just this morning, I started with scanning all the payables on my portfolio…I can see it’s not bad actually.

However, there are cases that I cannot handle anymore such as handling the personal payables of my boss yet no billing statements arrived. Well, for sure you too will be confused to that, right?

It’s kind of confusing but I did handle it…Calling back and forth the said company and asking them to explain whatsoever written on the statement faxed right through me.

And then, here comes another emo encounter just this afternoon. One avid supplier of ours was following up on their check(of course another payables). Yet I know it’s a part of the job that I should deal with it not to the extent my boss will be running out of time issuing the check, actually at the same time, running out of funding…That’s what I supposed to say.

I just made some alibis that the check has no signature yet, which is true and I haven’t showed it to my boss because the check I am trying to issue is PDC(Post-dated Check) dated on Feb. 8 and I should be giving the said check on the 8th day. But sadly, the supplier declared that–no check no release of P.O… And that really drove me crazy!

The material I was trying to order was really needed by that time. And so there it goes, I was trying to deal with the supplier but they really didn’t accept the deal, so I escalate the phone and gave it to my big boss.

Sad and emo encounter, shouldn’t it be? Because my big boss is really mad of what happen. Declining our orders for that reason…We never have been that delayed in paying…We always pay them on the due dates…

I was so upset of what happened really…Issues have occured between my big boss and the supplier…Which supposedly it shouldn’t be like that since our establishment has been dealing with them for 8 or 9 years already…

I just wish it will never happen this emo encounter again…

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