Who’s the Fashion Addict?

makeupgirlFashion, clothing,   cosmetics and makeup tools that girls just can’t dare not to have  and everything about fancy stuffs that girls are fond to have. To name of elegant bags, branded shoes, glamorous clothing and more that women can’t live nowadays. And yet, I forgot to mention, how about those glazing lipsticks and blush-on, are you one of them?

You can see and might even know some other girls love to shop at the malls and some I know from online buying. It’s funny to say that they are enjoying spending a lot of bucks of how they could just look pretty and feel good with their girlfriends. Bragging of what they have got. Not to mention, I have read from a very resourceful magazine that Britney Spears even spend million dollars of fashion stuffs alone such as hats, eye wear, amazing clothing and of course the top of the list is makeup kit.

I just keep on thinking– who could just be the most spendthrift woman in the world when it comes to fashion selection or yet with cosmetics choices? Could that be Britney or Paris perhaps? Can you tell me who’s the fashion addict?

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