Light Of My Life

imagesBeing a staff of an architectural firm, exterior and interior designing does make the biggest role in constructing a house. However, I do not do the designs of course– I am not an architect neither nor an engineer. I can’t even see sometimes the whole and real building after it is done.

All I can see is the perfect perspective inside and out of the building. What I love most of these perspectives are those beautifully created exterior and interior stuffs such as the lighting inside the house or the building.

I can say that fine art lamps make the whole living rooms and bedrooms brighter to start a new life together with the new building constructed. When I picture out all those forecast lighting I always deem to bring out the best of me and try to be an architect for one day and draw my dream house. Well, I guess dreaming isn’t that bad… Why not just look up those big buildings and beautiful residential perspective around me, that would just complete a dream having the light of my life.

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One Response to Light Of My Life

  1. AGX Hosting says:

    Is this a song? LOL Well, the light of my life is my son =)

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