Been A Good Hectic Day

It’s Monday and I expect my day would not be that busy as usual. But it just didThe Boss Is Watchingn’t happen, I had the busiest day I guess of my working hours.

Well, for sure…as usual first thing in the morning–checking check dues. And I am aware of what is to due today. Sadly, I made a wrong move last Friday because I released the check at the earlier time I guess around 10:30 in the morning and the check was cleared. But of course, when it is cleared — the check is automatically debited to my boss account.

Unfortunately, the bank called me to settle the check before 11:00 in the morning. And I feel so upset of being so careless in this case. Imagine, a penalty of Php 2,600 would possibly be charged to me because of such carelessness.

But thank to Heaven, my boss didn’t just over react. I mean, very different from the usual when he gets mad. There were no bad words and trying to ease my frightened face to be said with expected words again.

He just remind me to be careful next time of course, and I am so happy about it. That’s just it…Just happy to know he’s not that mean anymore. Well, I hope so…

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