Bribery Starts with Small Amount of Money

Just last week my best friend’s boyfriend offered us a ride going home. It was already around 7:00 in the evening or so. As always, we chatted inside the car and making jokes. And then, JP (name of my best friend’s boyfriend) detour in a cross section road. It was alright we were on the right way. But suddenly there were traffic staffs that waved the car to stop. Then we just did. JP asked what was the violation made. And then the traffic officer just answered JP’s violation is not turning on the head light since it is already night time. I admit it, JP really got mistaken in that case but in fairness to him, the head light of new model of Vios is really annoying to all the motorists since it is too bright, so he is using the low light—well I guess he was probably using the parking light.

Out of curiosity, JP had to step down from the car and try to settle the problem. There were 3 traffic enforcers that moment and I did appreciate one young man traffic enforcer’s explanation that it was really a violation and they had to issue a TP. Well, I just thought it would really happen. But since JP tried to settle it with “money”, I was so upset that such traffic officer received the small amount of Php100. The conversation about settling has been long already and the traffic enforcer was showing us that he is issuing a TP already but, guess what nothing has been written. He just did that as if writing down to show to the rest of the motorists that he really is an honest officer. I am so upset that bribery starts with that small amount of money. Imagine, for only Php100—they made their names messed up.

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