Using Other Banks to Withdraw; Lesson Learned

I was so upset last night when I tried to withdraw from my ATM, well not just one ATM though, but my 2 ATM really so disgusting. First thing is that my local ATM card was blocked because I accidentally forgot my PIN. I made 5 tries to withdraw my money, unfortunately can’t remember my PIN anymore and so the machine blocked my card. Well, this is a bit better than card captured, right? And then, after a day my local ATM’s password got refreshed when I reported my bank customer services. I was just so happy about it without questioning the customer support if my ATM was deducted with such reactivation of my PIN. And bad thing there is I didn’t even try my ATM to inquire balance in my bank’s corresponding ATM. Well I didn’t need money by that time.The following day I was urgently in need a bit amount and my ATM bank is a bit far from the office and so I decided to withdraw so from other bank. Unfortunately, I was unable to withdraw such amount since I assumed the amount was not their minimum and I tried it 3 times I guess. But still I wasn’t really able to withdraw, so I just leave it there. I got no money from my ATM.

Last night, I was trying to withdraw again from my ATM’s bank and I got so disappointed seeing that my balance is deducted with I guess almost Php300 which is I don’t know what happen. Would that be from the reactivation fee of my ATM card or from the withdrawal of other banks…

Second concern is about my UnionBank Eon card. I intentionally get one of it so I can withdraw my money from paypal account. I got really excited of using this one. Unfortunately, that seems to be so lingering. There are so many steps that I have to follow before withdrawing my money. First concern is my card to be deposited with at least Php200 and so I just did. Next thing is that link my EON card to my paypal. Well, it didn’t take that easy because I wasn’t able to link it. I had to try 10 times I guess before I successfully link it. For some reason, 16-digit card number should be placed as xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. And of course the card should have at least Php200.

Next thing is that I have to wait 2-3 days for the EXPUSE number which still I am waiting to come. Or I even didn’t know where to get it since the customer support from Unionbank referred me to call their main office in Manila. And I kept put on hold when I call or the line is very busy.

Next thing is that, your card should be enrolled to EON Cyber Account. And you can see all your transactions there including the request of EXPUSE numbers. Unfortunately, I was requesting twice for the EXPUSE number from my Paypal and didn’t know about it that my card is deducted with Php94.65. I am so upset to this… I cannot speak out my questions and anguishes about the service of my card since customer supports of my bank don’t even know what the card is all about.

I lost a total amount of Php400 I guess from my two ATM cards and I now I take the lesson. I learned from it… Php400 is already a big amount to me. Well, I just wish my writing opportunities will be approved to replace certain amount. That already cost one writing opportunity.

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One Response to Using Other Banks to Withdraw; Lesson Learned

  1. wimbam says:

    ive been using EON Cyber Account for almost two yrs, for my international trip but its visa facility is very frustrating… i cant swift and i cant withdraw cash..

    i call the customer service and email… only to say : sorry for inconvenience.

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