A Sneaking Interview But Lifetime Service with an Architecture Industry

Last week, I was just fooling around and go to the net and write down on my blogs whatever I see, whatever I hear from my surroundings. Never thought of having a job offer from any company. But then suddenly, one day someone text me to come in their office for an interview, well never thought to be hired of course.

But prior to that, on that week I received a text message I got a job offer from a friend from a writing industry of course where my passion belongs. I was really then so overwhelmed since the client really did appreciate my test product reviews.

On the day that I received a confirmation from a friend (who refers me to the client) that I am asked when can I start– that was the day also I was sent a message and in fact called by the employer of the said company. But before that, day after I was text to come for an interview, I really did come for it. And didn’t even prepare for it. Imagine how do I look like on my interview: collarred shirt, jeans, flat shoes, no makeups and everything… And then the interview wasn’t going that well since the employer I was talking to was on a hurry and when I left the office I saw someone waiting after me, who’s to be interviewed for the position I am trying to fill.<!–[if gte vml 1]> <![endif]–><!–[if !vml]–>

But lucky enough, on Sept. 23– I received the same text and I was about to refuse the employer who have interviewed me since my passion is for writing. But then suddenly a friend of mine sent me that moment when I was really about to send my refusal message, stating that the project for product reviews was cancelled. I was not so upset since I still have the option. And I so immediately replied to my soon-to-be employer that I am still interested with the said position.

The industry that I am filling in is an architecture industry. I am doing the whole thing in the office. I mean, I am just an admin generalist. It’s crazy but I like it. Like it when I am very busy!

The people are good and I hope to render my services here for a lifetime.

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