First time experience at Skype

Skype setup

Skype setup

Today around 6:00 in the evening, I had an appointment with a certain company for online tutorial. The interview is going to be held through skype with cam and mic of course, it’s an interview. It was just funny then I and my friend were very virgin to the chat wizard. We wanted to be interviewed at the same time so we decided to go in an internet cafe, a very cool and a little bit expensive internet cafe…

We started using the skype by first signing up an account. It was a little bit weird to start right away since yes, this is our first time with skype.

We first tried out exchanging instant messages and setup our videos and microphones. We were laughing at the same time learning of course another communication wizard.

We edited our profiles and learned to upload a pic on our profile. Skype is really helpful yet, very accessible. Skype is actually better and nicer than other chat wizards because you can exactly see the person on large screen depending how large your monitor is. Here are some pics we captured having the first time experience with skype.

Trying out the skype video

Trying out the skype video

My friend on a skype chatroom

My friend on a skype chatroom

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3 Responses to First time experience at Skype

  1. armie bangoyan says:

    Hehehe…All I can say is I really had a great time exploring new things with you Jerlyn… Thanks for sharing your ideas with me…God bless and more power to your works.

  2. Nylarej says:

    Hi there, Armie. It was really a great net adventure with you! I had so much fun, but at least we learned.

    Hope to share more fun and more adventure with you in the upcoming days.

  3. emoboy says:

    hy, i’ve got pictures of my new emo haircut

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