Davao City celebrates 23rd Kadayawan Festival

Kadayawan sa Dabaw

Kadayawan sa Dabaw

Augus 24, 2008 — Davao City’s Kadayawan Festival celebrated as early as 8:00 in the morning. Main streets has closed and countless people came in to witness the parade of floats.

Conventionally, the highlight of the Kadayawan Festival is the tribal presentation of “lumads” in Davao City such as Tausug, Maranaw, B’laan and more tribes to mention.

A lot of visitors were participating during the festival especially when seeing diverse foreign visitors were exactly the proof that Davao City is a very safe place for the tourists and residents.

And of course, as the Kadayawan Festival celebrates annually, there are countless local artists and bands perform during the festival for free for the Davaoenos, yearly as well. From the Rizal Park to the People’s Park, filled with numerous people just to jam with different local bands and performers all the way from Manila.

But of course, malls around Davao City as well give surprises to all the shoppers with their big discounts and free concert of celebrities again from Manila.

As Kadayawan Festival celebrates, durian season is a month-long fever as well! Consequently, durian fruits and durian candies become the famous and most sought-after fruit in Davao City by nearby city residents and of course the foreigners.

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2 Responses to Davao City celebrates 23rd Kadayawan Festival

  1. yvuj says:

    I so much enjoy the kadayawan festival. Hope to watch and witness Kadayawan Festival next year.

  2. Tecla says:

    Witnessed the Kadayawan Festival and it was all fun… My friends and I were really having fun! Nice blog!

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