Getting to Know Emotions

When we say emotions, those were the reaction shown when something is occurred or vanished. Imagine the times when you are with diverse people and or your family. You tend to get provoked when breakfast is not ready as usual when waking up in the morning. You are dismayed when you see your sister hanging inside your house with her friends again. You get discomfited when your little brother grabs the playstation with your friends. You get annoyed when you are not granted with a birthday bash outside the house. You get overjoyed by a surprise; ecstatic when your mom wins as governor. Since emotions differ, sometimes we love sometimes we feel hate and distressed.

Psychologically, emotion is such a difficult word to decipher into behavioral terms. It is possible to categorize a kind of behavior as more emotional than another but when it comes to identifying emotion as a separate constituent, there are bound to be difficulties.

On the other hand, we must know that there are two elements that we must be present by a feeling are called emotion.

Emotion is always involved either dejection or psychological stimulation. When we say psychological stimulation…anger, fear, and joy are associated with a heightening of the physiological activity of the body while depression and grief entail a slowing down of some physical processes and speeding up of others. The stimulation or dejection can vary from very minor to intense, but if there is no visible change from the usual physiological state, we would not normally call the feeling an emotion.

Emotions all look as if to be either positive or negative feelings. They involve likes and dislikes, happiness and loneliness, attraction and enmity. There is never vagueness if emotion is positive or negative. People can have the same opinion on which emotions are positive, which are negative and even how positive or negative each of them is. You may have mixed feelings about an incident. You feel happy that your opponents lost out but guilty about feeling happy; you feel overjoyed at the same time anxious about being receiving a reward. Yet each separate emotion is evidently positive or negative. Mixed feelings, it seems don’t really mix. You simply become aware of two or more distinct, differing emotional responses to a particular incident.

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  1. junior says:

    My favorite emoticon is this one 😀

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    My favorite emoticon is 🙂
    It’s making pa cute…

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