How To Get A Driver’s License?

Have you had a driver’s license before? If yes, did it take to you easily? Well, not in me. 10th of July around 9:30 a.m., I started to prepare myself  of inquiries I am going to make as well as my birth certificate and the procedures I am going to take in securing a driver’s license. Since it’s my first time to secure this license, I should shave held first a student permit (SP). Davao City’s LTO is basically the Metro Licensing Center, so I must anticipate a large number of people line up and so on. I, for all time ask a person who wears uniform in the surrounding area and they are more often than not the security guards of the establishments in regard to all the procedures for any legality.

Thanks to the security guards for guiding me the right way. I was given an application form in a Step 1 window. Well, it was a little bit uneasy. There are several people who had come ahead of me, so expectedly I got to hang around for my turn. Thank God that LTO-Davao has already equipped with comfortable seats for all, plus a fine TV. The funny part though helpful is moving of seats every time someone is being called on a Step 1 window who is the Customer Service Representative (CSR). It is helpful in a way though because you never get bored while waiting for your turn as you move. J

Five minutes or so after my attention was called at the Step 1 window, my name was called again at the Step 2 window for picture taking and signature. The two consecutive procedures were a bit fast. But it did take me so long to reach out Step 3, who is the cashier. I paid P142.63 for the Student Permit alone and I was told to sit down again and wait for my name to be called by Step 4 window for the releasing of license. Unluckily, the time was so fast. It’s lunch time already and so it went, I had to wait for the office to resume at 1:00 p.m.

As 1:00 p.m. falls, my name then was finally called. Thank God I finally have my Student Permit or driver’s license.

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One Response to How To Get A Driver’s License?

  1. What are the requirements again to obtain a student permit? I am going to get a permit 2mrow to complete my documents for my driving lessons. BTW, did you enrol in a driving school? Wheer did u studied?

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