Davao Today

The skycraping Davao City

The skyscraping Davao City

Davao today is no longer an ordinary city. There are a lot of up-and-coming buildings and real estates are starting to come into sight. I could personally say, a long way before Davao was so pristine with buildings, hotels, real estates, etc. But now, the city has beautifully created its new picturesque landscape. From the sky-scraping Marco Polo hotel to Microtel hotel. Hotels in Davao are rest-assured have an accommodating staffs and fine and sumptuous dining and absolutely a refreshing, revitalizing hotel rooms.  Waterfront Hotel in Davao is somewhat very relaxing place to stay in. The Waterfront hotel Davao has a cool breeze of the sea, clean seashore and a way up to Samal Island.

Gaisano Mall and Victoria Plaza are just the oldest malls in Davao. Both are situated just right in the downtown area. When SM was constructed, everyone loves to go in to this very huge mall situated in Ecoland, Davao City. But today, an approaching Ayala Mall and Robinsons Mall are coming into sight right around Bajada and Lanang Davao City. These malls are going to be the eye-opener for all the investors and capitalists to venture here in Davao City, well for sure there are a lot of tourists and shareholders are coming here today and in the long run. 

The Pryce Tower

The Pryce Tower

From the Pryce Tower building to LANDCO Pacific Corporation building, Davao has finally made its area a metropolis of new soaring buildings for commercial. LANDCO building is most sought-after with new business capitalists, more often with BPO industry. The building is just sited right in front of Victoria Plaza Mall. What’s more, Damosa Gateway has new urbanized offices built; this site is already called IT Park for its countless BPO offices. The site is very friendly and commercialized. What’s more to this is the ANFLOCOR Building located in Lanang, Davao City.  

The soon-to-rise Ayala Mall of Davao

The soon-to-rise Ayala Mall of Davao


The Landco Tower

The Landco Tower

Davao real estates are booming as well as its infrastructures is up-and-coming into sight. Exclusive subdivisions in Davao today are surfacing and to mention some are; Solariega, Positano, Toscana, Villa de Mercedes and a lot more to mention. These villas are for sure assuring an amusing splendid quality living inside its vicinity.  There are so many options to choose from whether you plan to reside, venture a business or even just tour around Davao City. So come and explore Davao today.


Cypress House of Solariega {My dream house :-)}

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3 Responses to Davao Today

  1. janelle says:

    realy…? i dont know that news that there will be upcoming constructions for ayala and robinsons here in davao hehe Good job! nice research..

  2. jigs says:

    hi can you give us some details about robinsons. is there any hiring?
    pls email me at jigpeligrino@yahoo.com i will greatly appreciate your help.

  3. concerned says:

    hi jigs,

    The post I guess is not about the jobs, but it’s just informing people from there will be upcoming buildings and malls to be built in Davao City. Well, for sure the author cannot furnish you what you are asking.

    Good luck in your job search.

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