Heartache Is Over

After a night of heartache, a moment of tragic despair…. I didn’t even think I could come to realize such this rejuvenation. It’s funny but it’s true. It’s not even the first time I get wounded inside…not the first man to touch my heart though, but as a woman—the pride is possibly hurt in other words. I don’t consider that falling in love is the reason why do I get impaired. I can’t even accept to myself such thing—‘in love?’

Well then let me get to the story anyway. I just met a man. I could say a man who never stops telling me that he loves me. A man who is always there beside me… but the problem is… he has a kid out of wedlock. It was never then a problem, of course. As he says, he loves me… he can leave everything just for me. I didn’t believe but the trust was there… I can’t pretend that it was a little satisfying sugar-coated word to feel and make me special in any ways.

When suddenly his ex-girlfriend came out to our way. I never thought that they are still in good state of relationship because as far as I know they don’t have any sort of communication anymore. As this guy assures me, I was surprised when everything was counterfeit to his words. Well then, there was me making myself silly as I waited for him to approach me and make even explanation… unfortunately, there was none. As to my realization, a relationship can never be happy at the end if someone is unhappy for the two… I am decided not to continue what we have started. Well then, I’ll be over the heartaches gradually.

Now then, as my friends feel bad about the situation. A lot of grapevine that I will come out as villain as my friends say. To start with the rejuvenation process, I did treat myself in a Carlo Reyes Salon. A simple haircut and hairspa as well. Now, I feel and look good after all the one night heartache (lol). I also get pampered with my friends with a videoke which was really stress-relieving. The anger has burst out through the songs and it’s good. And it doesn’t end to that, got some bottles of beer with a lot of ‘pulutan’…well then, who wouldn’t be mend with a very unforgettable night with my friends that came out to be our first time drinking till dawn, no it’s actually 6:00 in the morning already. It was fun.

The Damn Funny Unexpected Incident

As we were gazing for the best bar for us to stay in, I caught an eye watching me… and it just happened that he was a school mate back in high school days. And oh my gosh, he was in deed my crush! After 8 years or so, we see each other again. And so then, he was fortunately solo flight… as a result, we’ve got the chance to converse and share some feelings back in high school. It’s really damn funny. I don’t see myself being hurt having my long time crush beside me comforting as well. What a night!


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2 Responses to Heartache Is Over

  1. janelle says:

    i see… wow hurt hajue! but its fine…life must go on even if u suffer such heartache alwayz remember the hardships that weve been through before..i know that it would not be much burden for you coz i knw ur a fighter and a survivor in life’s heartaches and failures..BE strong enough for u 2 learn its a matter of learning ang living life without fear!! u can do it…tira_tira! ahehehe…

  2. nyla says:

    Thanks, Hajue! I can really overcome the heartache… it’s already numbe. 😀

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