A Night with Ate Emmy

It’s already late at 11:00 in the evening. The place has been so dark. The lights had turned off and artificial wind has blown out. Nobody passed by the store.

Three ladies were left at the public place which they treat as private place they could be felt at home. Everybody prepared themselves for a beautiful sleep that night since that was the first time they got together. When they finished fixing themselves, they lie down their bodies together as if lying on a very smooth nightfall bed. For all you know, they lie down on the stocks. Yes, sacks of surplus dress…mostly known as ‘ukay-ukay’. They started to close their eyes and converse for a while as they wait for a drowse. But suddenly Ate Emmy woke up and say, “Why don’t we drink?” the sisters were surprised. Of course, it’s been a long time since they had their last shot while hanging out with their friends. Hmm, a year ago? Lissy and Jerry agreed with no more doubts on Ate Emmy’s plan. Anyway, nobody would see them at that moment. Then, the three immediately looked for something to drink to make the night one of a kind memory. The three were somewhat like thieves when they came out from the tent they were staying. Yes they bought the best drink they can have that night without more ado. San Miguel light in a bottle together with a so-called ‘pulutan’, Dingdong snack (a mixture of nuts, peas and cornicks).

The excitement was drawn in each other faces. A toast was raised and a promise was vowed, it won’t be forgotten and that night will stay in their hearts. Mark this day. The formal conversation was followed then while drinking slowly. Sharing each other’s feelings and life story that they had been through in the past. The night was really joyful. Until each other’s bottle they held had been emptying and drowse finally felt. Now it’s about time to lie down. There were no regrets. Sleeping with a perfect smile. Ending an ordinary day can become a special one by sharing each other’s happiness and interest is what I learned. “Haaay, I want to sleep with a happy thought with Ate Emmy”, Jerry said with trueness in her heart. Then they sleep together while listening to the soulful music… What a reminiscing night with Ate Emmy!

Mandaue Public Market

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