Midnight Tragedy

It’s actually 12 midnight. It’s a dark cold place is what I’ve seen because I was already sleeping when I just can’t notice that my eyes slowly opened and my ears heard loud voices that screaming. Oh God! It seems that I’m floating on my bed. I wanted to stand and see what’s happening but I was carried down with my fears that surpasses. Yet, I finally stood up with courage to witness what’s happening. Bert (not a real name) who is a friend of mine and a neighbor as well is being fought with his friend. The reason is, his friend was actually drunk. This was really offensive. Jerry had to leave but came back and brought with him his friends. It’s all started there. They fight…. Yet, the loser is the drunkard. He was almost dead. Imagine his neck was twisted! Yet the two aggressive men tortured him as well. It seems that everyone in the village was watching an ordinary wrestling on TV, but me? Oh no… I really cried. I wasn’t able to control myself. I was carried away by my emotions. I am pity to the guy being mistreated even not knowing who made the first offense. Mistreating someone is still unjust. Fortunately, a policeman came and the midnight tragedy ended and my anxiety ended hoping it won’t happen again.

Buaya, Lapulapu City

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