To be A Call Center Agent

Have you ever imagined this lifestyle? Inconsecutive hours of sleep.

Agents in a smiling face on-the-go

Agents in a smiling face on-the-go

No exact breakfast and lunch. Taking a bath around 6:00 or 9:00 p.m. As you wake up, glimpse at the watch. Ride a jeepney at 11:00 p.m. Wet-haired inside an air-conditioned room. Putting up headsets and microphone into your head. Talking over the phone while typing over the keyboard. Coffee at midnight. Trying to be resilient when irate customers are on it. Yes! This is a life of a call center agent. Isn’t it incredible?

To be a call center agent is a challenging and promising career, yet a high-paying job. Incentives are most valued as keepsake rather than you say salary which is just a little enough to buy basics and extra goodies. Gift certificates, freebies, cool perks and other goodies for all agents who have shown x-factor with their performances. Now, who wouldn’t wish to become a call center agent? But wait, for who haven’t known this term, what a call center really does? Call center is responsible for taking customers’ calls and forward them to authorized persons, who are exactly the call center agents. Call centers replaced a work in conjunction with computers to expedite services.

Becoming a call center agent isn’t that easy. There are things I still remember during my interview. And the preparations made were concerning these; communication skills, English fluency, computer proficiency and interpersonal skills. My point of view for this category had started to help me understand myself more and got to learn new dimensions in life as well. In regard to communication skills, I must personally say it’s the most relevant in this field. It’s where your personality showcases how persuasive and or reliable you are through conversation. In addition, fluency in English is a must. It is obviously the preference in this industry. For some, a thorough training with American Accent is a plus factor to become a successful call center agent. It’s where you exactly learn how to pronounce

Agents look after a long hours of duty

Agents’ look after a long hours of duty

American Accents well using liaisons and a little bit of exaggeration. This must be annoying to hear but that’s the way it is. Due to technology advancement, computer literacy is now a pre-requirement in acquiring even not call center jobs. When we say interpersonal skills, it’s a total package of your well-being where you are able to interact with different people with diligence and patience.  Call center agents are designated to give assistance, attention and help profession aide to the customers on line.

Being a call center agent is a life-seizure moment. Imagine no gimmicks, no hang-outs with your friends to your usual rendezvous on Wednesdays. Come to think of it on how monotonous the lifestyle does call center agents have! Do you realize what made them stay? Passion is what motivated call center agents to endure that happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

Everyone deserves a break {party}

Everyone deserves a break {party}

Simply love to give meaning to their work, willingness to commit risks and compromises are the main reasons to be précised. After all, it’s a worth-giving job with all the august compensations and benefits, cool and friendly environment and lastly, at the end of the day, it is something that makes your moment fulfilling anyway.

Learning to adopt those skills I mentioned are the turning points for you to have a successive career as a call center agent. There’s just one thing that matters most is when you already heard the words, “You’re hired!” Don’t doubt. Give your best shot with altruism and passion towards your performance. No matter how risky it is, think it over—the compensations you’re going to receive to sustain your sibling’s tuition fee, and of course, the lessons you experience with the clients, this is such a remunerative job of all season. Now, would like to be a call center agent?



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16 Responses to To be A Call Center Agent

  1. cOrAnG (-_;) says:

    nice xa!!!… interesting to read……..

  2. pj ruiz says:


    nice words but your thoughts are confused. it doesnt make sense in writing these clips.

    i was expecting a better write up thats why i read it.

  3. nylarej says:

    Hi PJ,

    Thanks for the criticism, I really appreciate it. On the other hand, I want you to know that it is just the way I express my experience in the call center. Hope you can share yours too. \


  4. Albert says:

    heheeeee….it’s nice…makes me more interesting to apply as call center agent….hope u send me more tips on how to pass the interview…..take care us alll!!!!!!!

  5. Nylarej says:

    Hi there Albert,

    Surely you will pass the interview, just be yourself and let the interviewer that you really want to be a call center agent. It’s how your willingness take you to your ultimate goal….

    Good luck!

  6. hajar fatima says:

    hey,im planning to apply as a call center agent…any tips on how i can manage to be hired???help???

  7. debrajill says:

    what call canter are you working for?
    can you give me their requirements for applicants?
    some tips too..hehehe..
    be really glad if you’ll help me..

  8. nice writing, i have my shared my own experiences in my blogs too.

  9. Honey Mae Catane says:

    ..’I was looking for tips on what characterestics are looking for to become a call center agent, I was great that I’ve found this article. Very interesting to read. It gives me inspiration to study harder in English ,because I really want to become a call center agent..Thanks for the tips…

    • MON Abad says:

      Frist you must past the Versant English Test. the ability to understand spoken english and answer intelligibly with fluency . try the versant test on the web, and this is all that you need and there are hundreds of company that are in need of agents like IBM, Convergy, Stream, Accenture, VXI, and Concentrix , try them

  10. gelly gubantes says:

    nice to read, very inspiring

  11. Nemae Catane says:

    I was looking for tips on what characterestics are looking for to become a call center agent, I was great that I’ve found this article, very interesting to read. I will now study harder in English.

  12. Keneth Mckenny says:

    I just want to mention I’m all new to blogs and honestly liked your web-site. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your website . You surely have remarkable well written articles. Many thanks for sharing your website.

  13. If you drag your feet to work it’s already a telltale sign that you have to look for another job or a happy call-centre. I always believe we can have both fun and still work effectively as well as efficiently. No one can beat a happy worker.

  14. I like the helpful info you provide in your
    articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.

    I am quite sure I will learn a lot of new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

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