Malagos Garden Resort Treat

Summer season heats up. It’s about time to discover revitalizing spot over again. For sure, there are countless people are migrating to the beach resorts to experience windy, crystal clear blue water of the ocean and a much-need cool breeze or precisely, a perfect refreshing and soothing vacation.


Assumingly, some may have jaded with hanging out to the beach any longer. Either scared to get tanned or maybe it’s too risky anymore packing up gears and things preparing for a long vacation. One good summer treat may be apposite to warm tropics. Why not go for a nature tripping, isn’t it cool? One unflappable and cool different summer treat site I know, Malagos Garden Resort—a genuine and unwinding place to replenish this summer. Come with me as I ruminate moments that transpired together with my best friend. Well, I know for sure Malagos Garden Resort is never a brand new hang out to every Davaeños but absolutely pristine to who have never been to Davao.

Malagos Garden Resort is tenuously sited at Baguio District, Davao City. It can be reached for only 45 minutes with a car ride from the city proper. It is an accredited wildlife farm flocking butterflies, aboriginal birds and other wildlife skunks. Malagos Garden Resort is composed with 12 hectares approximately. Experiencing a cool mountain breeze and enjoying comfortable cottage accommodations amidst tall and august pines are the finest encounter. Malagos Garden Resort ranks as first property in the Philippines to be certified in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Business and Properties of Audubon International and places 39th the world. It is a worldwide environmental organization based in the USA. Malagos Garden Resort is bizarrely landscaped with collections of assorted plants such as; orchids, fruit trees, palms and other inhabitant sumptuous plants. The resort is the habitat of first and only teeming production bird show in the country, Malagos Garden’s Interactive Bird Show. Malagos Garden Resort is also a Waling-Waling Forest. Waling-waling is said to be the Queen of Orchid and this could be perfect for flowers lovers. Malagos Garden Resort has its own first class hotel facilities. It is a home of Philippine orchid, Philippine Eagle and other indigenous birds and sculptures of national artist Napoleon Abueva. Malagos Garden Resort completely has its amenities. Overnight cottages are well air-conditioned, has its own bath tubs, hot and cold showers, soothing portals, TV sets, mini bar and telephone services. The resort has 2 restaurants, function rooms, and gazebo for 750 guests. Malagos Garden Resort has an air-conditioned shuttle service and has its own business office at the location. It also has serene swimming pools for kids and adults, pastime room, fishponds, horseback riding services, Birds Park and live butterfly sanctuary.

In the vicinity’s attraction, right in front of the resort is a Mushroom and an orchid farm. A mixed use and integrated organic farm to the rear. Malagos Garden Resort is just 1 km away from the Philippine Eagle Center. The neighborhoods are fruit copse such as; pineapples, bananas, and cut flower farm.

It’s really great to tour around the area of Malagos Garden Resort. Some of the things that are enjoyable to expedite are; nature field tripping, bird watching, horseback riding, calesa riding, leisure strolling or jogging, swimming, and many more to explore.

Now, who wouldn’t want to take a crack hanging out here? I don’t think so you have to embark to beaches just to experience fresh air, why not try Malagos Garden Resort and live through the irreplaceable fusion of art and nature.

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4 Responses to Malagos Garden Resort Treat

  1. sheela says:


  2. Sheira says:

    I have visited the place also…. Very cool and extraordinary…

  3. jdakljfa says:

    The models are greater than the place. 😀

  4. thestylishtycoon says:

    hey. i’m glad i found your site. it’s interesting to find someone who shares the same passion for travel with me. i’ll keep your posts in mind when i get the chance to visit davao.

    if ever you’ll be in cebu as well, hope you’ll get to visit the nice places that we have here. just posted an entry about an island here in cebu. see link below 🙂

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