This is just a reality, a story — unaffectedly simple, artless and I daresay the most dreary story ever told. Living in an inconsistent world is such a hard thing to dealt with. You wish to be in someone’s shoe. Doing such tryouts even failures prevail still courage may arise. Now when someone tells you you’re not suppose to imitate him, we’re trying to build our own stand. Yet when we fail to do so, shortcomings may have undergone. This has been the most disgusting part of our life and so really inevitable. You dream but, for in deed we’re just learning. We should have gained more burdens for us to endeavor what we really want to become. But until such when is the right time for us to keep on waiting? Till the period comes and we don’t like pursue anymore to a certain task in our life. We can’t just hold for our word. Everything might changes. We can’t certainly foretell what can we do and even what we could feel towards the people whom we’ve cared for  a long time. Now can we say, come what may happen? While you tend to bring back the memories, they won’t care…When you try they might get you wrong that you’re too expressive. If you won’t you don’t care for the person anymore. Huh? Isn’t it sad to hear? Well, this is just the stupidest story in our life which we hardly understand for years. One thing is for sure now, life must go on. Let go of the things even those belong to us, and live free without any queries to heaven. Now we can say, we are totally happy.

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