oDesk 101: How to Make Money with oDesk as a Freelancer

25 Jun

oDesk is a freelancing website where freelancers can sign up for free and will then be able to search for jobs that matches their skills. Jobs offered on oDesk are of different kinds, ranging from writing opportunities to data entry to web design and even accounting jobs.Read more….

Routing to the Best Place to Find a Job Online

27 May

Routing to the Best Place to Find a Job Online.

Virtual Assistant Tools: ABC Tools VA Should Know

23 May

From the word itself virtual, it is pretty obvious that you would need virtual assistant tools or medium how to deal with your clients. In this case, your very own employer. (With of course, target audience in mind). You must know where to lay down all your agenda. For you to be able to be a credible VA, may I share to you some basic online tools to be use for communication to be able to do your job efficiently.


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Superstar VA in the Philippines: Services Offered

18 May

There are countless job opportunities that the virtual assistance word is offering to those who are really interested. And all the available jobs in the net, virtual assistance services can definitely be done by virtual assistant in the Philippines, most specifically superstar VA in the Philippines.

There are two kinds actually of Virtual Assistant: the Virtual Generalist and the Virtual Specialist. But of course, it is advisable for a newbie to go “Generalist first.” But nevertheless, in general point of view all the VA Services that is needed in the world can be accomplished by superstar VA in the Philippines.

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Chito Miranda Proposal

15 May

Chito Miranda Proposal.

VA Skills: Skills Needed to Get Started

15 May

VA Skills: Skills Needed to Get Started.

VA Tips: Must-Keep-in Mind Tips on Being a Successful Virtual Assistant

4 May

VA Tips: Must-Keep-in Mind Tips on Being a Successful Virtual Assistant.


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